Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD)


Definition of PLMD

PLMD is a neurologic disorder that results in excessive kicking during sleep.  The diagnosis is made during a sleep study  (polysomogram).  The symptom is typically Insomnia:  problems falling and staying asleep and early morning awakenings.  Persons are not rested after a  sufficient amount of sleep.  Many parents of children with PLMD report excessive kicking in sleep.

Causes are similar to Restless Legs Syndrome.  80-90% of persons with RLS will have limb movevents in sleep.


Causes of PLMD

PLMD is considered a neurological and sleep disorder.  It involves a brain chemical called Dopamine. There are compounding factors that can exacerbate PLMD such as low blood iron, renal disease, pregnancy and others.  PLMD also tends to run in families.   Dr. Gingras will take a thorough history to diagnose and find any cause that can be treated.  .




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